47 Meters Down – Review

47 Meters Down is a horror thriller directed by Johannes Roberts that is going to be released on the 26th of July in the UK.

As someone who doesn’t often watch horror thrillers, I was slightly skeptic at how intriguing the film was actually going to be, but I’ve been proven wrong.

The beginning of the story led me to believe that I was going to watch something very cliché and even with parts of the plot that could be predicted, me and all the the rest of the audience in the cinema were evidently surprised with the plot twist although it was subtly and very cleverly foreshadowed.

With that being said although there were aspects of the film that I loved, the dialogues and characterisation could have had deeper, more realistic aspects and gave the impression of not being thought about enough.

As you can imagine, there were terrifying moments, particularly me and my friend were left shaking by the intensity of the moment which was wonderfully built through the lighting and sound effects. Also, some scenes caused more confusion than they should have as the scene wasn’t filmed in the best of lighting and it although they may have added to the intensity of the moment, clearer parts could have made the film more enjoyable.

Certain aspects of the equipment used, such as the cage used by the main characters were eerie themselves. The negative aura of the cage was reinforced by the screeching sounds, the badly kept appearance and when it sinks, the contrasting warm colours of the lights that depicted the intensity of the situation. Ironically, the immensity of the ocean added to the claustrophobic feeling that the characters would have experienced.

While various critics compared “47 Meters Down” to “Jaws” I have to say that even though they do have some similarities it has unique elements and because of that, I would recommend watching it.


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