Should everyone be a feminist?

Everyone, regardless of any characteristic they have should be a feminist, however because the word “feminism” itself suggests that it has to do with females more than males it is often confused with misandry, which is a sense of superiority towards men when it’s actually the advocacy of women’s rights and equality of the sexes.

Now you may wonder why we need to be feminists and I’d like to point out that it’s definitely not just about gender wage inequality. Living in a patriarchal society we’re used to hear women be treated differently for the same actions that men do, we all  read headlines all the time about revealing outfits that are “scandalous” when it comes to women of all ages, but when it comes to men they’re praised.

On the other hand, when women decide to dress modestly especially when it’s because of religion everyone becomes worried about their free will or labels them as boring which just reinforces the idea middle eastern women being oppressed just because it’s easier to believe untrue ideas perceived through society even when we could be less ignorant with a reliable google search or simply talking to someone who can genuinely express their point of view.

Anti-feminists, like any other discriminatory group, are often misinformed and keep living surrounded by ignorance and have a misconception that all feminists want to have more than equal rights which is not true. I’m not going to suggest convincing every non-feminist you’ll come across but informing others will certainly help them

In conclusion, no matter who you are you should be a feminist for the simple reason that if you care about basic human rights you basically are a feminist already, but you should aim to be inclusive of every group and minority, preferably doing something, possibly changing some people’s situations.


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