Interviewing Lili Reinhart’s sister Tess

If you still don’t know Riverdale’s star Lili Reinhart who plays Betty Cooper in the TV show, are you still in 2016?

We’ve interviewed the actress’ sister so you don’t have to and found out some interesting facts. If you want to see more of the Reinhart sisters just follow them on their Instagram pages @lilireinhart and @tessreinhart

What has changed for you since Lili’s fame?

Tess: Well not very much. She had been out in LA before Riverdale aired so it’s been similar for a few years now.

(note that Lili admitted herself that she’s been to numerous castings before landing on the Riverdale’s cast)

Do you think you’re going to follow Lili’s path?

Tess: I don’t think I’m going to do anything like she does. I’ve never really been interested in acting.

Do you think you would like to become famous generally?

Tess: Not necessarily, I really just need to do something that makes me happy, but if I get famous from it I’m not complaining.

Pro and cons of Lili being famous?

Tess: pros- she gets to do what she loves and spend the time with an amazing cast, but  I think the main con would be that I don’t get to see her a lot.

Is Lili similar to her character?

T:I guess there are some similarities between Lili and Betty but I’ve never really considered the two of them really similar.

Have you met the Riverdale cast already?

T:I haven’t met the cast but I think I’m going to this summer.

Have you ever had someone ask you about your sister in real life? Are there any weird encounters with fans that you can recall?

T:Not exactly, but I have been out shopping with her in LA and someone checking us out asked if she was Betty from Riverdale before the show actually aired.

Finally, how did you learn to wear makeup so nicely?

T:Lili tried to teach me a few things though I don’t remember a lot, so I just practiced a lot.


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